How to Delete Game Data on iPhone

I once had to quickly download an essential app for a sudden work emergency but found myself scrambling to make space on my iPhone, bogged down by old game data. If you’re facing similar challenges with your iPhone’s storage, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I’ll take you through practical steps to delete unnecessary game data, ensuring your iPhone is always primed for important tasks.

Backup Considerations Before Deletion

Before removing game data, consider creating a backup, particularly for games that don’t automatically save to iCloud. This ensures that you can restore your progress if needed in the future. It’s especially important for games with significant time investment or in-app purchases.

For games with iCloud sync:

Verify if the game data syncs with iCloud and use any in-game manual backup options available. This could include saving progress to an external storage solution.

For games not synced with iCloud:

Use iTunes or Finder to create a complete backup of your iPhone, which includes all local game data. Additionally, check the game’s support or FAQ section for any game-specific cloud backup solutions or account-based progress saving methods.

Method 1: Erase Data from the Game Itself

Looking to reset your gaming experience on iPhone? Keep in mind, deleting data in-game only removes game progress and preferences; it doesn’t uninstall the game itself.

  1. Navigate to Game Settings: Open the game and head to its settings. Search for options like ‘Storage’, ‘Manage Data’, or ‘Game Reset’.Navigate to Game Settings
  2. Select Data Deletion Option: Within these settings, you’ll find the option to delete or reset your game data. Note that this action is irreversible but won’t affect your Game Center achievements, which are stored separately.Select Data Deletion Option
  3. For a complete data removal, including the game application, you’ll need to uninstall the game from your iPhone.

Method 2: Delete the Game Along with Its Data

When in-app options to delete game data are not available, the most effective solution is to uninstall the game entirely from your iPhone. This method ensures that all associated data, including game progress and settings, are completely removed.

  1.  Locate the Game on Your iPhone: Find the game icon on your home screen or app library.Locate the Game on Your iPhone
  2. Uninstall the Game: Press and hold the game icon until a menu appears. Choose ‘Remove App’ and confirm to delete the game and its data.Uninstall the Game

Remember, uninstalling the game will also remove all game data stored on your device.

Method 3: Disconnect Game from Social Media

Disconnecting your game from social media is important for those looking to completely reset game progress on their iPhones. Some games use social media accounts to save progress, which can persist even after the game is deleted from the device. Removing these connections ensures a full reset.

  1. Open Game Settings: Locate the settings in the game to access social media connections.Open Game Settings
  2. Find Social Media Connections: Search for options like ‘Connected Accounts’ or ‘Social Media’.Find Social Media Connections
  3. Disconnect Social Media Accounts: Select your social media accounts linked with the game and opt to ‘Disconnect’ or ‘Unlink’. This will prevent the game from saving progress on these platforms, enabling a more thorough data removal from your iPhone.Disconnect Social Media Accounts

Delete Game Data from iCloud

Removing game data from iCloud is essential for fully clearing your game progress and freeing up space on your iPhone. This process will delete the game data across all devices connected to your iCloud account.

  1. Access iCloud Settings: Open your iPhone’s settings, tap on your Apple ID, and then select ‘iCloud’.Access iCloud Settings
  2. Manage iCloud Storage: Tap on ‘Manage Storage’, then find and select the game whose data you want to delete.Manage iCloud Storage
  3. Delete Game Data: Choose ‘Delete from iCloud’ for the game. Confirm the deletion when prompted. This action will remove the game data from iCloud and cannot be undone.Delete Game Data


Now that you know various methods to easily delete game data from your iPhone you can choose one that suits your situation. By implementing these strategies, you ensure your iPhone remains a reliable tool, ready to support you in both daily tasks and unexpected scenarios. Empower yourself with these tips and keep your iPhone as efficient and responsive as you need it to be.


To check the storage used by a specific game, go to your iPhone’s Settings, tap on ‘General’, then ‘iPhone Storage’. Here, you’ll find a list of all apps and games installed on your device along with the amount of storage each is using.
This depends on whether the game saves its data to iCloud or an external server. If it does, you should be able to recover your progress after reinstalling. However, if the game only saves data locally on the device, you will lose your progress unless you have manually backed it up.
Yes, you can transfer game data from one iPhone to another. If the game data is saved in iCloud, simply sign into your new iPhone with the same Apple ID and enable iCloud sync for the game. For local game data, use the backup and restore feature in iTunes or Finder.
Not all games support iCloud for storing game data. It depends on whether the game developer has integrated iCloud functionality. You can usually find this information in the game’s settings or description in the App Store.
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