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Chat Server

Talk about your latest build or get help from other members. Please be sure to follow the rules when chatting!

The InsanelyMac IRC network is available through our website or your preferred client.

Client Connection Details

If you are more experienced with IRC and wish to connect using your own client, please use the following details for the server connection.

  • Server address: irc.insanelymac.com
  • Ports: 6667 normal, 6697 SSL (self-signed)
  • Channels: #insanelymac, #offtopic

Chat Rules

To encourage a healthy and cheerful community, we request that all users follow the rules and contribute in a positive manner. Due to the active nature of an online chat, we have the following guidelines to keep the discussion clean in addition to the full site rules.

  • Be polite and respectful. If a member is being abusive and there is no active moderator, please report them and ignore/leave the chat.
  • Don't ask to ask! Ask in the chat and wait for a reply.
  • If another member is helping you, remember to be kind and courteous. They are helping you after all!
  • No direct or indirect links to copyrighted software.
  • Don't PM without permission! Always check first to see if the other member wishes to chat in private.
  • Don't publicly argue the decision of a moderator. Bring it up in PM, or contact an administrator.
  • This is a technical site, so please keep the discussion PC/OS related or join #offtopic.
  • The chat sees users of all ages. Please keep the conversation family friendly. No politics, religion, alcohol or drugs (including tobacco).
  • Chats are logged and may be reviewed for moderation.