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Dual screens not working (but almost) with 7300GT; any ideas?


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Machine: Badaxe 2 motherboard, EVGA 7300GT video card.


If the machine is booted from a Mac OS DVD or from a clean install (no third-party video drivers) both monitors operate in mirror mode, but the system doesn't recognize the second monitor or even that there's hardware support for one (can't change to extended desktop, doesn't show up in System Profiler.) No resolution changes are available.


After installing the NVinject (.22) driver, the normal range of resolutions becomes available (including the resolution native to the monitor.) However, the second monitor now goes blank when the computer shifts from the 'gray apple' startup screen to the Finder. Now, System Profiler knows that there's a second monitor port, but says nothing is connected.


The second monitor is connected to the DVI port using a VGA-DVI adapter (I've tried several different ones.)


Any ideas about how to make this work? Does it seem worth trying a DVI monitor on the DVI port, or is that unlikely to make a difference?


Edit: Running Kalyway 10.5.2

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