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Vista/Kalyway 10.5.1 Dual boot probs

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hi guys, hope someone can help!


I am trying to dualboot Vista, and Kalyway's 10.5.1. I have followed a dual boot guide, but to no avail. Steps I am taking are listed below. Am I doing anything wrong?


1) Install Vista, leave 50GB free

2) Using Diskpart, create 50GB HFS partition and set active

3) Boot Kalyway DVD and format with Disk Utility

4) Install, choosing Vanilla, and EFI-GUID (No idea if I should use MBR instead?? How do I know what kind of scheme I'm using? I can't find any guides that explain this)

5) Kalyway reboots in to System. All works fine.

6) install network kext, remove DVD, reboot

7) get b0 error


I've tried checking active partitions and everything is set fine. I did this a different way last week and got constant HFS+ partition errors even after I followed guides to fix it.


Can anybody help?


Thanks in advance!!!

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You can boot into leopard if you keep the dvd in the drive.


Ive got the same hdd set up as you (One hdd split into two partitions - vista - Mac OS), I installed using MBR_efi and it did something to my partition map, so vista was on the f drive instead of the c, as a result it woulnt work propely, I would suggest you install leopard first (MBR) then install vista over the top. Then make sure to add leopard to vistas boot menu and it should all work,

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i tried both booting option. I got b0 error when using guid, but it will boot directly when using mbr.

don't take my word, as I am new in this affair.

I tried to repair vista installation over mac osx, but did not work (tried with mac guid and mbr), then also tried to re-install vista, and got an error which said something like "vista can't found a location that is suitable for the installation", but when I deleted the mac partition, the installation can continue

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