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Intel P965 Problems


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I'm having installation issues.

I get the boot screen with the Apple, and then I get a small circle with a slash through it.


I went to safe mode with verbose switch on, in x86PC mode, and it showed a kernel panic, and crashed. It was "waiting for root device" It gives a kernel panic in the listing. I can try an Nvidia 7600gs video card if that will help.


The machine is:


E6300 CPU


Intel DP965LT Motherboard (the original 965 chipset, 16x PCIexpress, no onboard video)

eVGA 7900GT 256mb Video Card.

Seagate 250gb SATAII hard drive.


the above was tried with the drive in native, legacy, and AHCI modes.




Is there a motherboard list that always works? It would be nice to have a current generation motherboard that supports the latest really fast intel processors.


I was looking at an Nvidia 780i but figured it was NOT supported.

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Yeah im haveing the same exact problem i posted some thing 2 days ago but no response i wish somebody could really help


any body is ther bios setting that need to be done or any thing that we should do ?





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Still cant get this to work, after i get done installing osx it just goes to intel mac address and doesnt go anywhere from that..

i have dp965lt

sata hard drive

ide dvd

i switched sata to achi and turned off serial and paralle and still no luck

i keep getting the intel mac address


im using idneb 10.5.6 when i try ipc 10.5.6 i get a no sign with the line through it


Please help

if you need any thing else let me know

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Any body i beg any human out there............sleepless school nights trying and restoring because it doesnt work............ please any ideas im willing to buy a new motherboard if you guys can give me a cheap compatible mobo please..........................all i want to do is use mac

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