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  1. dell e520 stac9227 sound - working

    Thanks great post tried everything else and ran across this and it all worked this should be posted with some of the working drivers thanks alot!
  2. hey im willing to put a offer on it but was wondering if it would be able to load osx out of the box ....no special bios update or any thing ? please let me know willing to put a offer on it thank you
  3. Intel P965 Problems

    Any body i beg any human out there............sleepless school nights trying and restoring because it doesnt work............ please any ideas im willing to buy a new motherboard if you guys can give me a cheap compatible mobo please..........................all i want to do is use mac
  4. Intel P965 Problems

    Bump..... Still cant get this to work, after i get done installing osx it just goes to intel mac address and doesnt go anywhere from that.. i have dp965lt sata hard drive ide dvd i switched sata to achi and turned off serial and paralle and still no luck i keep getting the intel mac address im using idneb 10.5.6 when i try ipc 10.5.6 i get a no sign with the line through it Please help if you need any thing else let me know
  5. Installation help

    Im desperate does any body have a idea i even bought a new usb dvd drive thinking it was my old one and still same problem
  6. Intel P965 Problems

    Yeah im haveing the same exact problem i posted some thing 2 days ago but no response i wish somebody could really help any body is ther bios setting that need to be done or any thing that we should do ? help.....; thanks
  7. Installation help

    Any help out there?
  8. i have tried 3 different types of osx on my desktop kalyway 10.5.2, ideneb 10.5.5 and ipc 10.5.6 on 10.5.2 doesnt even boot gets stuck at loading files for darwin boot 10.5.5 shows apple boot errror and doesnt even go to darwin boot 10.5.6 goes to osx boot and passes darwin boot but when circle spins at bottom few min later get the circle with arrow So i dont know what to do i tried installing 10.5.6 on my laptop hp dv2660se and after i start usb wifi it ask to restart for some reason My desktop has intel dp965lt motherboard and 7300gs graphics card any help im not sure if its the bios or what please help!