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Anyway to fix this?


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Please help me if you can anyone :D


heres where im at: iatkos v1.0ir2 with the applied "r3" patches including the bad bios patch


cannot get past the gray apple screen...when i do verbose or -x i get this sort of error before the cdrom stops reading and it appears to hang:

usually "jettissoning Kernel Linker"

but somehow one time I got it to say

"Invalid Frame Pointer <hex location>


No mapping exists for frame pointer"


The laptop is a gateway mt3418

specs: 2ghz turion64

1gb ram

geforce2go video (seems to be in the right resolution at the apple loading screen thing)

nforce chipset apparently...sound and wired nic use the chipset


I have tried the original iatkos v1.0ir2 as well.

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iAtkos 1.0i is for Intel CPUs only. It will not work on your machine.


Seeing that your machine is AMD based you have to get one of the three following distros

Zephyroth 10.5.2

Leo4all v2

Kalyway 10.5.2 (not 10.5.1 which was only Intel)

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Thank you for the reply Ajal...do you recommend any of those you mentioned over the other in terms of support for my hardware? Also I thought the patches might take care of the amd support but your probably right to suggest something that supported their cpu's from the get-go.


Anyone have any recommendations of the ones he mentioned? These do take a while to download lol thanks a lot guys

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