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Changing default O/S in Darwin Bootloader

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Hey everyone, I have windows vista and leopard installed on the same hd. However, when darwin bootloader shows, after nine seconds it boots into vista hd(0,2) by default. I want darwin to boot in Leopard (0,1) by default instead after nine seconds. Is there anyway I can change this? Please let me know. thanks in advance

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Your HDD partitions are mounted to folders in your file system, inside the /Volumes folder.


In other words, if you were to open a terminal and write cd / and then ls, the output would, amongst other things, also include the Volumes folder.



What the "volume name" means is literally that. It's the name you gave your partition. Whatever you called it (which, more or less, will appear on your desktop, when Finder gives you a link to your partition/hdd but, for specificity's sake, I would recommend using the terminal cd and ls commands to see EXACTLY what the partition's name is, especially if you've used names with more than one word in them.


In any case, for example, if the HDD you installed Leopard on is named OSX86 then the above becomes:


sudo /Applications/Clonetool/sbin/bless -mount "/Volumes/OSX86" -setBoot -verbose


(Granted that's just an example, of course.)

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Bless doesnt sit in that location for me but I can Bless from the main prompt. However it doesnt do anything (or makes no difference).


I have hd(0,1) with XP, hd(0,2) with Data and hd(0,3)


On power on I get the NTLDR and a menu with XP and OSX (using Chain0). XP boots fine. OSX takes you to the Darwin loader but Darwin wants to boot XP as default. So without ANOTHER few keys it will loop back to XP and then boot XP.


I don't mind how its done but I would like ONE menu if possible and default boot as XP (until I fall in love with OSX). I can cope with a fresh install if I must and don't care which bootloader does the job but surely I can have this working?


Grateful for any help.

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