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  1. About this Mac Graphics

    Can you upload this please. And how you get this dark gray background color? Thanks!
  2. Hi Guys, Any help about the above. After i install the iATKOS 5i Leopard 10.5.5 and restarted my laptop it's give that error. My Laptop is Lenovo T60 spec are in my signature. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. "Turn off Power..." What the crap man?!

    I have the same problem and it say's ' Local Host mDNSresponder[20] Couldn't read user-specified computer name: using default bdevice-0000000000000b Local Host mDNSresponder[20] Couldn't read user-specified local hotname: using default bdevice-0000000000000b can any one help please..
  4. I have almost the same problem.. I can still use it even it say cable unplug/not connected I'm actually using my internet right now. weird huh!! But it's giving me hard time to get my IP thru DHCP it requires me to restart/shutdown many times. Still trying to find out what is wrong!
  5. Hey guy's I just recently installed AppleIntelIntigratedfrawork.kext into my Hackintish leopard 10.5.2. To enable the trnaslucent menu bar. after i rebooted the PC everytime i move and click my mouse pointer it leaves a tiny mark on my screen. Can you guys help me to fix this or Just tell me how can i remove properly the .kext i install. Thanks!
  6. ^^ Hey dude! thanks i manage this one to work.. And you explain it very well...
  7. [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    Have you come up with the solution? Is there anybody solved their problem about Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Please advised!
  8. Sorry for the dumb question "/volumes/volume name' can be stand for Hardisk0/Partition1? can you be more specific on this? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys just wanna ask about my querry above. Any input would really be appreciated... Thanks!
  10. New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    I have the same problem with your querries no. 2. I hope somebody will come up with the solution.. Saluti...
  11. Hey RogerFederer, Have you fix this? I have the same problem as yours. Can you please tell me how did you fix it? For those member's who know how to fix this please advised and i will appreciate it. Thanks! EDIT: Ok folks forget about this i found the solution by going here http://osx86leo4all.wikidot.com/known-issues#toc5 Thanks eddie11c