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Converting from NSInteger to NSString?

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I've been strugling for 3 hours now trying to find a way to convert an Int to a String in Xcode.

I'm working on an iPhone app (nothing fancy, just playing around with the SDK) but I can't seem

to find a way to do such a simple thing as to convert between ints and strings.


I can understand how it might be a bit tricky to convert from string to int but the other way around should be easy?


Up until now I've only working in java where you simple do a MyInt.toString();


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've searched the web but can't seem to find any answers...perhaps it's too obvious?

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Haha thanks man! :D


I think I've been up too long, I was googling "convert int to string +xcode" "typechange..." "...NSSInt to NSString...". Casting totally slipped my mind.

I'll check it right away!


Thanks again

:blink: Good luck!
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