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problem with starting Arturia Storm 3.0...


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I had install Storm Music Studio 3.0, but when i try to run the application, it show the following error:

"Cannot launch Java application

Uncaught exception in main method:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /Applications/Storm 3/Storm 3.app/Contents/Resources/Java/libmp3decoderjava.jnilib:"


Anybody know what means that error message?

Thanks in advance :)

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could mean that the libmp3decoderjava.jnilib is not there or corrupt

( right mouse click > show package contents > ....)


spot out what Java Version is needed, maybe you dont have the version needed installed


Now i check that this file is there, but i can't check whether is corrupted..

Also i try to install other new version of Java, but i can't find version for 10.5 Leopard 32-bit.I only found the 64-bit version on apple's site.

p.s. : in Software->Aplications for Java i only see:

Java Preferences 12.0.0


Java Web Start 12.0.0

I'm not sure whether Java Preferences 12.0.0 is proper program for this case :blink:

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