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I have buy a new config for leo4all


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I'm a french guy and i have need help. I have take this config :


Main board : Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L

Processor : Intel CoreDuo E2160

RAM : 1 Go DDR2 667

Graphic Card : GeForce 8400GS 266 Mo DDR Twintech

Hard Drive : DiamondMax 250 Gb SATA II

Burner : Samsung SH-S203B SATA


I want to install LEO4ALLv2 (10.5.2) and i dont know if i have need to configure BIOS with specific detail ?


Need to patch the DVD ? If a personne have sucessfully installed leo4all, can give me the good mode please :rolleyes:


Thank you fr your help and sorry for my bad english



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Everything looks fine for your install. The only thing would be to set up SATA mode to AHCI in BIOS. Also make sure that your DVD burner is on the First SATA port otherwise it wont boot install DVD correctly

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