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DIY x86 mini, or real deal


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I'm considering buying a mac mini, 2ghz model


but I'm not sure if I really want to run mac os xanyone built a cheap mac mini lately?


There used to be a DYI thread with known & easy to source cheap components that were 100 % working, but I cant find it now


I would need a minimum of dual core 2ghz, and a small footprint. I currently run ubuntu and am going more and more towards mac products, and integration seems better, this machine will do email (thunderbird) browsing, photo edit/upload, and itunes/iphone duty



I've got some leftover hardware to piece one together..


6600 core2 duo

2 gigs of ram

usb sound card, I guess it's a card, it's compatable with osx, I used it when I had a hackintosh last year


I could buy a board & small case, I love the mini size/profile


I need to find is 2 things

motherboard that's compatible with leopard

small case & power supplys


does anyone have a suggestion for an ultra compatible board? If this works out well I would go to a quad core cpu, so I think I need to spend the money on a badaxe2 or a blood iron ?

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that shuttle setup would be perfect I think


is the board in the SD30G2 Plus all native? I cant tell who makes the board that's in it


I really want to stick with a board that's fully EFI/Vanilla kernel working and requires minimal patching, maybe sound but that's it

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