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Post-Installation Questions (potential problem)


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I was trying yesterday to change the permissions on the Boot file to make the timeout 5 seconds instead of 10 and to define a better resolution for display. Well, I haven't succeeded at all at changing the permissions... At this point, you probably know I'm a newbie :)


I was logged as me. I tried several things to finally make a potential mistake:

chmon -R MyName:admin /*


I presume that this command changes the ownership of all the files to me, of the admin group. Well, my system doesn't boot anymore. Am I right to suspect that because somes files are no longer own by the "system" user, there are problems? So here are my questions:


1- Can I revert to command or do I need to reinstall the OS?

2- How in hell do I change the permissions of a file when I'm logged as me?

3- What's up with the "root:wheel" I see in every examples I find on the web... "wheel"??

4- I know there are tons of post about this, which is what makes it very confusing, but what do I have to do to make the OS recongnize my AGP ATI Radeon 9800?


I use Zeph's 10.5.2 rev.2 release.

Thanks a lot!

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first off the command is "chown" as in change owner,

"chmod" changes the permissions of a file, and finally there is no "chmon" command in UNIX


Answers to your questions.


1. Boot with Zeph DVD, go into Diskutility, select your install partition and run repair permissions. Reboot once done and it should work


2. You dont change the permission of a file. You change yourself to be the Superuser by entering "sudo -s" without the quotes. Once you have done that you can modify a file. Never ever change ownership of system files.


3. Dont prove that you are a Windows user again and again by asking about basic UNIX terminology. "wheel" is a special group, and if you are a member of that group you can become root by entering "sudo -s". It is all about granular security something that Windows users dont seem to grasp.


4. Cant help you with this one as I am part of the green team not red ;-)

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