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Any hope for a Optical IDE and SATA HD combo?


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Pioneer DVD on IDE

Seagate 500GB SATA


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I see a lot of discussion of problems for those using IDE optical drives on this board. Interesting that my Ubuntu installation had a similar issue, but it was with the SATA HD, not the IDE optical drive. I remember my solution was rather simple: I just unplugged the HD from port 2 and into port 6, voila. I think this was because of passing control from JMicron to Intel ICH9. I don't even know why motherboard manufacturers feel the need for a third party (and shady) controller like JMicron, but that's for another thread...


It looks like the HFS partition on installation disk simply can't be recognized due to the fact JMicron (god damn them) is the only IDE controller and it just... doesn't... work.


So is there a solution I've missed, or am I screwed. If I'm screwed (which I most likely am) does anyone think a new revision of Kalyway or iATKOS will fix this issue, or should I just got get a SATA optical drive or IDE to SATA adapter?


After trudging through forums full of off-topic posts I haven't found a workaround short of buying something, but if there is let me know.

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Yep, no workaround.


Options are

1. External USB enclosure for DVD during install

2. SATA to IDE adapter

3. SATA DVD Drive


Options 1 and 2 have varying levels of success based on the motherboard. Option 3 is surefire success.


However, after installation Jmicron connected drives work fine using JmicronATA.kext

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ive got a ide dvd drive and a 80 gig sata drive and it works fine


Do you even have a Jmicron controller for IDE. Dont post "it works for me" without listing your system configuration.


Yeah it works fine for me too on my VIA Chipset based machine where I have a 200GB SATA and a Pioneer IDE DVDRW, but the question on hand here is Jmicron

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