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REmote Buddy application+Compatible IR reciever/remote control

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i don't have iphone,ipod,apple remote control ...

i don't have an Apple compatible IR Reciever, i have an old reciever from Pinnacle's PCI PCTV Pro tuner

the tuner doesn't work ..i guess the same goes for the reciever+remote control

this is the remote control : HERE

it's not problem for me to buy new remote control/reciever if this doesnt work

in XP i do everything with remote control+UICE ..everything ,i'm very used to it

now i saw some videos about this remote buddy application and i think that maybe is as strong as UICE/lirc for windows

so tell me what to buy..


Also if there is a tuner's remote control that the reciever works with remote buddy it would be better

cause pinnacle's doesnt work in MAC so i need to buy a new one ,no problem cause it's old and crappy


so i need:


i saw at their site that any remote control+reciever that use the Microsoft® / Philips®OVU400301/00 (eHome 2005) OVU4003 standard will work


any suggestions?

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Hi, easiest way is to buy Microsoft e-home Ir transceiver and apple remote.


I've got RemoteBuddy with Microsoft e-home reciever and original apple's remote and it works very well.


The MS remote that shipped with reciever does't work on AppleOS (Tiger/Leo) and RemoteBuddy.

Also i've tried bunch of remotes (mainly from some strange manufacturers) but none seems to work .


here's dump from system profiler


eHome Infrared Transceiver:


Version: 0.00

Bus Power (mA): 500

Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec

Manufacturer: Philips

Product ID: 0x0815

Serial Number: PH00Ffsc

Vendor ID: 0x0471

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ontoid thankz for your reply


i need your opinions for 2 products:

1: Keyspan RF Remote+ir reciever :DETAILS

2: Microsoft A9O-00007 WinXP Media Center Infrared Remote Control : DETAILS (ontoid:remote control doesn't work??)

both are compatible with remote buddy


many ppl suggest keyspan ..but it has only 9 buttons ,isn't that a problem?

apple remote control has also not enough buttons ,will i be able to assign a lot of actions?

i'll need to control almost everything with remote buddy (navigate throught folders and select files,asjust volume/preferences,turn off screen, start a movie+adjust subtitles sync if the player has ability,etc etc)

in XP with my crappy remote control+UICE+BSplayer i can adsjust font size,sync subs,+/- brightness,change aspect ratio etc etc)


so what do you suggest me to buy and why? (the price is almost the same..)

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let's try again ,now that is morning and most ppl are lazy at work :P

keyspan remote control, microsoft remote control OR apple remote control+? IR Reciever?

or a good tuner for mac that i'll be able to use it's remote control?

i care about how fast the remote control+reciever will react , i wouldnt like delay when i press the button

to be used with applications : Sofa Control or Remote buddy.


thank you ,plz reply asap ,i want to buy today :)

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I am personally using a sony ps 3 BD remote control and a bluetooth receiver. I got them cheap. Next problem is that Remote Buddy is free for only 30 days. If somebody wants to crack the program just pm me, I've got something interesting.

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