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greetings all,


im running kalyway 10.5.1 and am now thinking i would like a wireless card but am unsure as to how leopard will recognise it (as am used to having airport on my macbook) if someone could let me know if they have had success with any particular cards or point me to another topic if this has been asked before (i did search but didnt find what i needed, but feel free to correct me on that one). Also does anyone know if the OS recognises different wireless cards as airport or otherwise?


any help would be much appreciated




After hunting around the forums it seems the info was there i just couldnt see it. it also seems that the wiki has been updated quite a lot since i last checked which is great :) so i plunged for the linksys wmp546gs as it was supposed to be supported (the box actually says wmp54gsUK but it seems identical - just for sale here in the uk i guess - 35 pound from pcworld is not too bad a price either considering pcworld are rubbish). i installed the drivers on the windows side first (as the manual said so but it didnt really matter for leopard), after thatt i booted leopard, immediately the airport icon was in the corner, i clicked it and then set it up (took 5 mins) and now im typing this on my hackintosh via wireless! (although the card is recognised as third party card in system profiler - as stated by the wiki)


once again this community is really fantastic, thanks so much for everyones efforts

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