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Which low-budget Mobo for my 1st Hackintosh ?


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Hi guys,


First of all thanks for giving a new way considering PCs ;)

I'm a linux user for a long time and i've recently offered a beautyfull Mac Book to my beloved wife. Obviously i "played" with it and have discovered the incredible OSX ! Wow :)

I then decided to make my own Mac with low-budget... So here is my request : which mobo ?


My short list :

- Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2L

- Abit I-45C

- Asus P5GC-MX/1333


They all accept up to 4Go of memory (what i want) and own an intel GMA 950. Later i'll install a real PCI-Express graphic card. My CPU : Intel Pentium E2160. I want to oc the CPU (mybe up to 3ghz) so need a card that can do that (upper FSB).

Of course i'm looking for a mobo well supported under Leopard 10.5.2.


I found some good informations on 2 of this mobos (Giga & Asus) but nothing about the Abit one.


Thanks for your advices !



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Thx for ur answers. I just ordered the Gigabyte mobo + 2x2Go DDR2 + Pentium E2160.

I should receive all that stuff tomorrow moning ! Tomorrow evening, after my squash practice, I'll try to install my first Hackintosh and will keep you updated on.

Let's rock...

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