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Customization of Darwin's bootloader

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Hi there, this is a vicious circle, but there're so many posts on com.apple.Boot.plist that it's impossible to Google the topic anymore!. Anyways, I was wandering if there's any comprehensive documentation on how to customize Darwin's bootloader. The problem I'm interested in solving is: I'm booting a GUID setup and the osX partition is selected by default. I need to boot Vista by default.


But in general, I'd like to see one place with all the posible customizations documented. I know about kernel flags and stuff in com.apple.Boot.plist, but how about changing the strings identifying different partitions "Foreing Boot" sounds strange.... How can I dissable the EFI partition?.... etc.


Any help would be appreciated... I could only find people in this forum that asked the same question with no answer besides the classical: Why don't you install Grub or the Windows alternative...

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