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10.4.4 on asrock 915gl etc, blah blah blah ;)


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as much fun as i've had with this, there is no way i can see using 10.4.4 on an asrock 915gl, P4 3.0ghz Northwood (SSE2). it is just slightly off. i can only imagine how lousy the experience is on other boards.


i'm not saying people shouldn't try to play with this on that motherboard any longer, just saying the experience is no longer "healthy"... not convincingly maclike.


lots of people who don't know how to make windows or linux work well will not have the same opinion, OS X is impressive, but if you are used to things working well. well... :)


a couple observations...


using the old 915 kexts, and the old OpenGL kexts from 10.4.3 seems to improve game play of PPC games. disabling beamsync helps gui responsiveness a whole lot. but the blush is off the rose. (what does that mean? heheheh)


time for new hardware i think, if you want to stay with the game. :)


your opinions may differ! this is just an idle observation in Thunderdome, not an invitation to duel!


(En Vino Veritas dudes, if i weren't for Havoc Pennington, we'd not be having this discussion! :) )

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i was pissed off cause a friend came over with Stubbs the Zombie and it was unplayable. can't finish a game of Alice i'd started, cause it is now unplayable.


my problems are really with games that depend on rosetta. they were enjoyable, now, the ones i've tried are not.


most importantly, i put this comment in THUNDERDOME on purpose, cause i'd been drinking. i've always assumed this Thunderdome section was the pub.


other posts i've made in other sections of these forums i'll stand by. invaluable posts, that are read in slackjawed awe. this post was a throwaway, and subjective, and the subject was drunk. :blink:


edit) 10.4.6 is coming with opengl and coregraphics improvements. who knows, i might be able to finish my game of Alice!

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