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0B error in P5W DH de luxe


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I can install the KALYWAY 10.51 and in the first startup (with DVD in drive) the system run, but soon I try to reboot, I get the 0B error! I try to use f8 and choose the correct HD (no dual boot in this) and 0B error again.


I try to follow the tips in another treads but nothing works.

I erase my HD with Extend Journaled and GUI.


My network and sound don't work either.






My Machine:


ASUS P5W DH de Luxe

Proc Intel CORE 2 QUAD Extrem 2.66

ATI 1950 XTX /ATI 1650

Apple 23 Aluminnum - CINTIQ 21 UX

8 gb RAM

5 SATAS HDs: 2 320 gb, 2 250 gb, 1 120 gb (Leo is here)

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I have same motherboard and installed kalyway 10.5.1 just like original . just follow those stape .


go to bios settings and ide and jmicron to AHCI mode


advanced cpu >> modify ratio -- dis , microcode --ena , max cpuid -- dis , execute disable fun -- ena , enh C1 -- auto


IDE >> conf sata as -- AHCI , ALPE and ASP -- ena




next if your dvd is ide then sata boot disk must be sata1 then others


boot with kalyway 10.5.1


disk tools boot disk partition as MBR


customise installation :


vanilla + patch


audio P5wdh deluxe


graphics ATI ( Though i use nvidia)


last one EFI MBR

hit install



then if every thing is ok you can update to 10.5.2 and then vanilla seperately ( thepiratesbay)



hope you will get a rocking system very soon



i had also same error at my first time . and my mistake was i partitioned grid and install EFI MBR . so you have to set both partition and installer to mbr .







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Hi! greetings from Brazil!


But, if I'm put in AHCI mode I cant use one SATA where I put many works. Everytime that I would like to boot in Leo, I will need to change many Bios steps, instead only to press F8?


BTW, I read that I need to format using GUI instead MBR if I would like to use one SAT non dual boot, is this wrong? The HD that Iput Leo, is in SATA 1 port but my MB put this HD in THIRD MSTER IDE (maybe this is a problem?)





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