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Have Kalyway 10.5.2 installed, but can't install linux


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Hello all,


I successfully installed 10.5.1 with the Kalyway disc (without vanilla kernel), then upgraded to 10.5.2(with vanilla kernel).


Now, when I pop in an Ubuntu cd for example, I successfully can boot to the CD menu, but once the kernel for the live CD loads, the system stops functioning (screen goes blank, hard drive and optical drive stop loading data, yet system continues to have power to it).


Does this have something to do with the EFI of Leopard? I already have XP Pro x64 installed on the system, then I overwrite that boot-loaded by installing Leopard. I did that deliberately knowing that I'd be installing GRUB (via Ubuntu) as the third OS on my system.


The Ubuntu disc was burned using the Disk Utility app in OS X.


Any suggestions?


For what its worth, I an running the following system:

Abit IP35-e

Intel e2180 at 3.2 ghz

4gb ddr2 800 mhz

a Sata HDD and a Sata DVD-RW




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I suppose I could pop out the Sata drive with Leopard and XP on it. I'll report back in.Thanks for the suggestion.Actually, would that impact the boot-loader though?I want to boot through GRUB so I can choose any of the operating systems.It seems to me my comp would still try to boot to the Leopard disk first, and be completely unaware of GRUBs presence.

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