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How to install KTorrent/Deluge on Mac OS X


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digg: How to install KTorrent on OS X


1. Install XQuartz or use Apple's X11 distribution from your install DVD (I had multiple X11 errors until I installed XQuartz)


2. Download and install Xcode Developer Tools (3.0 for Leopard, 2.5 for Tiger)


3. Install Fink (make sure you enable unstable packages). There are binaries for 10.1-10.4. If you have Leopard, download the latest source and follow the instructions on the source download page:

tar -xvzf fink-0.28.1.tar.gz
fink selfupdate

If you get a 'command not found' error after "fink selfupdate" (I did), you need to add . /sw/bin/init.sh to your .profile with the command



4. Install KTorrent (this takes a while)

fink install ktorrent


5. Run KTorrent


or if you if you can't be bothered with opening a terminal and doing cd /sw/bin every time...


6. Add KTorrent to your X11 Application Menu. Click "Applications", "Customize", "Add Item". Then double-click on the blank space under "Name" and type "KTorrent" and double-click on the blank space under "Command" and type "/sw/bin/ktorrent" or whatever path you chose during the install.


7. Share!

You can install Deluge by following the instructions for KTorrent except install Macports instead of Fink then add the following to your .profile

export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH
export MANPATH=/opt/local/share/man:$MANPATH

and then

sudo port -v selfupdate
sudo port -v install deluge

if you get an error try

sudo port clean boost


Macports and Fink also have rTorrent if you've got your hackintosh hooked up to a VT100 or something. Actually, it's not that hard to use once you learn the shortcuts

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LOL... who are you quoting with this "Azureus, Transmission, etc. all suck" comment, a8ne? Is that what you think? Since you started this thread, I'm going to assume that's the case.


Personally, I prefer a GUI and I'd rather not deal with BT from the terminal, but to each their own... :P


IMO, Transmission doesn't suck at all... I'm a bit less thrilled with Azureus than I was before 3.x. Still, it's fairly robust and not such a resource hog considering it's running on a JVM. And if you've just not used it in a while and are disappointed with the new interface, try selecting "advanced" and choosing the old (2.5x-style) interface. Oh, and while I am curious about a µTorrent build for OS X, I'm not exactly "holding my breath".


Anyway, I've migrated to Transmission now and probably won't go back, but I'd surely pick Az over a Terminal-only interface like kTorrent. I already miss some of the features found in Azureus (not in Transmission). I'm definitely not going to pare it down to an even more "bare bones" experience. Besides, I usually keep well over 100 torrents in a ready-to-seed state; I have no interest in migrating to something with no useful interface for managing them.


All that said, I'm sure you mean well, so thanks for the tip. :)

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Anyway, I've migrated to Transmission now and probably won't go back, but I'd surely pick Az over a Terminal-only interface like kTorrent.

Um, KTorrent has a GUI.

Why would you write a comparison of the two clients when you've obviously only tried one of them? I'm sure Trasmission is great if you've never tried anything else. I've tried both and KTorrent is faster for downloads, better for seeding and it uses less system resources.


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{censored}... :lol: I dont know why but this is to hard for me...In first time when i saw this topics i was thinking thats this is very easey but now i realise that this is to hard :///But i keep traing and maybe i will install this soft...In my opinion the thing is why i cant install kTorrent is that Terminal wrote for me...

Information about 2525 packages read in 2 seconds.

Failed: no package found for specification 'ktorrent'!




P.S i would like to see a video how to install kTorrent ..

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Just a quick question about these kde apps in general. I know that since KDE4 they can be ran quite easily in OSX, but how "native" are they?


When I used to run Ubuntu with gnome and installed a KDE app like k3b I'd have to install the whole kde backend as well. Is it the same here? I wouldn't mind trying out kTorrent and k3b in Leo if there wasn't too much additional overhead.

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"Native" is not necessarily the right way to think about running kTorrent on Mac. Since KDE was not developed with Mac OS in mind, it is, of course, not "native" at all. There could be miscellaneous details in the method or logic of the program that works better on GNU+Linux than it would for Mac OS (although I really seriously doubt this is the case here). I use GNOME on Archlinux and installed kTorrent, which requires the KDE libraries to be able to run, and the KDE artwork files to beautify. It doesn't hurt the computer at all to possess those files, it simply requires some disk space. It is completely reasonable to expect non-native applications to run just as well as native ones, providing they have the right support.


Quite frankly, I prefer using GNU+Linux OS, anyway.

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