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  1. I used the Boot-132 that you linked in your directions, so no, it didn't have the Natit or other kexts appropriate for my graphics card... I suppose I could probably figure out how to make another Boot-132 disk that has all that, though, but I have two start-up partitions that are working reasonably well now (and have backed it up to a disk image to make sure I don't lose it all if I really mess anything up). Anyway, I tried a lot of other stuff when that didn't work... in the end I'm reasonably satisfied with how it all worked out, though I might go back and try some other things at some point. Perhaps I'll try doing an EFI boot set-up, and/or replacing some hacked kexts with the original "vanilla" ones and see if the DSDT.aml file works for me. But I ended up spending a lot more time attempting to follow your directions, then attempting work-arounds, and finally just went with an LS8-type install (without anything on the EFI partition or DSDT). I should probably try to figure out what EFI strings are appropriate for my HD2600XT card -- oddly EFI studio and others don't have the 2600 (just the 2400), so I guess I might need the hacked kexts if I can't sort that out or if the DSDT.aml file doesn't serve the same purpose equally well. But hey, I've saved my DSDT.aml file and the extensions you provided, among other things, so I'll give it another try one of these days if I have time. I'll just do the full install using the "karaakeha1 method" (linked before -- i.e. installing too another drive/partition while booted up from the HDD and just run the 10.5.6 installer from a disk image, then the 10.5.7 updater... run the Chameleon 2 installer to the EFI partition, do your EFI mount steps and add the DSDT file and everything else you describe... then install the needed graphics kexts from my existing installation (I've found the ATI installer linked elsewhere doesn't seem to work properly if installing to anything other than the start-up drive)... and see if I can boot without Natit and with a drive that has basically just the stuff you are running. Should I install those graphics kexts to my EFI partition, too? The thing is that it installs not just the kexts, but also a replacement OpenGL framework and some .bundle files (also in the Extensions folder, but not actual kext files, I guess)... can all of that go in the EFI "Extras" folder... and if so, is it all necessary in your opinion?
  2. It might help... you could always try it and see if things work better. Not unless their graphics card is also just the same as yours... and most of us aren't using the same BIOS as you are, so that would need to be the same, too. Personally I flashed with F5 due to all the posts about issues with F6, though it seems the F6 is out of beta now, so might have been okay. I tried using this method, but couldn't get my system to start... maybe if I'd made a boot-132 CD with my graphics stuff on it, but it was coming up to a "plaid screen" (vertical stripes on one monitor and a checkerboard of blotches on the other) when booting from the retail DVD after swapping disks... so I ended up installing with a combination of the karaakeha1 method (installing retail from an already working partition to another drive and adding the update) and the LS8v17 kext installation script (very nice shell script). I have pretty much everything working and might try adding the DSDT.aml file to see what happens, but don't know if I need it... BTW, I didn't bother using the EFI partition since the LS8v17 assumes you have an 'Extra' folder at the root level (not on the EFI partition) -- I could move it over, but you never know when Apple might start making use of the EFI partition, themselves... I think I'm pretty happy with how things are now. Of course I also had to seek out the drivers for my ATI HD2600XT graphics -- I'm using latest Natit, but might see if I can get rid of that if the DSDT thing works, at least once I know I have a good working clone of my current set-up. Anyway, even though I didn't actually go through with the "fiddles101 method", it was an interesting process to attempt and I learned a lot more about OS X -- at least I have a near-retail installation now.
  3. JestaGeek

    10.5.6 Released!

    I'm not sure about the other stuff... sounds like you had your kexts somewhere they could be overwritten by Apple's. I still haven't done the update yet as I never took the time to get a Boot-132 -based start-up working. I'm too busy now, really, but still was looking through this thread to see what I could learn about the process. I must say, I find a lot of it confusing, so I'm hoping that I can find a good tutorial to take me through the steps when I get back from the holidays. In any case, I think your TimeMachine issue can be fixed by following these steps (quoted from MacUser2525 on page 2 of this thread): Go to the original post to download the replacement for your IONetworkingFamily kext (file attached). I'm guessing you'll get the rest solved in a similar manner. HTH, JG
  4. Thank you both for your replies. I ended up canceling the order, and was able to find another company which had my existing RAM in stock as well as the DVD drive that I wanted. I'm hoping that by increasing my RAM to 8 GB, I'll be able to run more applications better without as much need for virtual memory. With the new drive, hopefully I'll also be able to experiment with Boot-132. Thanks again to both of you.
  5. These are the memory modules that I originally used: RAM » DDR2 240pin G.Skill DIMM Kit 4GB PC2-6400U CL4-4-4-12 (DDR2-800) (F2-6400CL4D-4GBPK) (Quantity: 1) 2x 2048MB Module, 2.0V-2.1V, Lifetime guarantee Unfortunately, I've placed an order with an online shop here in Germany for another pack of these, as well as a replacement for my optical drive which quit working a while back, but both items are out of stock all of a sudden, and they don't give an estimate of when either will be back in stock. It's simple enough to find a replacement for the drive, but I'm not sure how much flexibility my motherboard and/or BIOS provides for mixing and matching RAM. I'm using a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 mobo with the aforementioned RAM running in dual-channel mode. I have a couple of options for similar modules from other makers: 4096MB-Kit GEIL Ultra+ PC2-6400 DDR2-800 CL4, 1,9V-2,3V http://www1.hardwareversand.de/1Vo_lKEa8Vu...41&agid=599 4096MB-Kit Mushkin XP2-6400, CL4, 2.0 - 2.1 V http://www1.hardwareversand.de/1Vo_lKEa8Vu...18911&lid=2 I think this might be the same as this item on Newegg.com Or would it be better if I'm either patient (and wait for my exact G.Skill RAM to come back in stock where I've ordered) or cancel and find that elsewhere? If anyone has experience with running two brands of similar RAM on motherboards similar to (or the same as) mine, I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks in advance to any who reply.
  6. JestaGeek

    Found a Mac Trojan by accident

    That's interesting... and they probably could've tricked you into installing had they simply included some other hidden, even innocuous, files within the installer. Have you checked to see whether ClamxAV recognizes the file?
  7. JestaGeek

    Recommended Headset/Mic for Voice Recognition?

    Too bad I didn't see your recommendation of the Microsoft headset till after ordering this Sennheiser model. I'm writing this post with the headset right now and while it's still a new and strange experience, I think I'll grow to like it. Well, maybe I could've saved an extra €50, but I guess I didn't see the Microsoft model when I did my initial search on Amazon because I was only looking at headsets which were four-star rated or higher. Even if this microphone is only a tiny bit better (and I don't know that it is), I'm sure that that small difference would actually be a pretty big difference in terms of my satisfaction with the quality of the voice recognition. It also provides endless amusement --- the following is what appeared on my screen after I clicked on submit in this form and lost what I'd written. Apparently I didn't enunciate the explosion of profanity quite clearly enough: (I'll leave it to people's imagination to guess what it is that I actually said. )
  8. Unfortunately, they consider a "retail" OS X as an "upgrade", since it's designed to be installed on a Mac that came with an original version of OS X. OTOH, I have an old Mac Mini that's just sitting in my cupboard (in case my hackintosh ever has a problem) and I could say that my original license for one machine was upgraded with the "Hack Pro" I built since they didn't offer a system that was user-upgradeable other than the totally-overkill (for my needs) Mac Pro systems. For those of us who've been using Macs for years and have significant investment in software and knowledge, it is sort of a monopoly that they've built up and it does suck that they don't offer what so many of us have asked for (the simple, "everyman" minitower) and instead foist lots of iCrap on the world. The OS is great, but the consumer line of systems they sell are not for me... and I neither need nor can afford the "pro" line. Anyway, I still think Apple should take a cue from M$ and market their OS... they can even piggyback on the efforts of the OSx86 community which has made a lot of hardware compatible. Of course they could still say that non-Apple hardware is not technically "supported" and do things to encourage people to buy a real Mac... but I think they are shooting themselves in the foot when/if they really go after the OSx86 world instead of using it to build up the OS X user-base, world-wide... and listening to what people want. They could really do so much to profit from OS X's growing popularity and take it more mainstream.
  9. JestaGeek

    uTorrent Mac 0.90 Beta Released

    I'm with you there... I'll wait till it's well out of Beta, myself... and then only migrate if it really seems to offer a lot that Transmission doesn't. I'm guessing that most people who feel that it's "faster" than Transmission are comparing Transmission loaded with torrents to uTorrent with only a few. I'm quite happy with Transmission and it would take me some time to move my 1000+ active torrents to another client (since the files aren't all in one location or even all on one drive). I am watching to see how uTorrent for Mac develops, though... nice to have some competition to keep the Transmission development team on their toes and keep different ideas incubating... I really do like Transmission and, compared to Azureus (my old client), it also has a small footprint (not that I really need to worry that much now that I'm on this kick-a$$ "Hack Pro" ;-) )
  10. JestaGeek

    Recommended Headset/Mic for Voice Recognition?

    Here in Germany that one costs 20 euros more than the PC 156 on Amazon.de (which seems to have pretty good prices on these, especially since there's free shipping -- having compared with price searches here). From the Sennheiser site and user ratings, it seems the PC 156 is virtually the same headset, the 166 just has bigger, cushier ear-pads, right? Yeah, wireless would be nice if it were easy to do, but then you have to deal with the fact that you have something with another radio transmitter right next to your head for prolonged periods of time... and something that requires batteries that need to be bought and/or charged regularly. And then there's the fact that, as you point out, they all pretty much suck so far... so I'll go without wireless, especially since it's not for Skype that I want this. Perhaps, in the future, there will be a little box we can buy to plug our high-end headset into (worn at the waist or something) that will let us go "unfettered" if we want to roam away from the 'puter for a while. That would be ideal.... especially if it could just be plugged into a USB port to charge and operate as "wired" when sitting by the system. Anyway, thanks for your feedback. Unless you know something more about the PC 166 that would make it really worth the extra 20 euros (I'm guessing it's not much different, really... just a model for people who want to buy the "top end" and pay the top price), I'll likely go with my PC 156 pick. It really looks like it's basically the same headset from the specs, etc.
  11. JestaGeek

    Recommended Headset/Mic for Voice Recognition?

    Having done some further research, I'm strongly leaning toward just getting the Sennheiser model. It's not cheap... but then again, it's not cheaply made, either. I've read a lot more negative reviews of quality on Plantronics, Philips and Logitech models that I would have otherwise considered. Sets either came faulty and had to be returned immediately or deteriorated in time and were replaced with a Sennheiser set similar to the model I'm considering. Still open to feedback, but assuming I don't get any, maybe my follow-up on this will be helpful to others looking to make the same buying decision. Whatever I buy, I'll be sure to add a small review here. :-)
  12. I'm interested in any recommendations people might have for a good USB headset to use for voice recognition. I have a number of papers I need to write and I thought that at least for the rough draft/brainstorming sessions, it'd be nice to build up some experience with using MacSpeech Dictate. Unfortunately the headset I have is great for listening to movies/music, but the microphone sucks for even attempting set-up of the dictation. So I need a good headset with a nice, clear noise-canceling microphone. I'm looking for something that's got good price/value ratio. It should be USB. The top model I'm considering is a Sennheiser PC 156 USB (which will set me back about 76 euros on Amazon.de) Or I might get the Philips SHM 7410 (about half the price on Amazon at about 38 euros.) Or (for just a bit less), there's the Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Anyone have any experience with this? Other pluses would be decent sound (for music/video, etc) and comfort (assuming I'd be wearing it much). Thanks, in advance, for any tips or feedback anyone might have.
  13. Apparently you went ahead with the EP35-DS4... I like this one, personally, but my system case won't support more than 4 internal HDDs, so it's fine for my needs. My thought, when reading your post was that there are only 6 SATA connectors that seem to work with OS X (though it may be that there are new developments which add support for the other two, I don't know). In any case, I'd assume you also want an optical drive and I think that also needs to be SATA, so that leaves "only" 5 SATA ports available for use. Of course you could add a couple more SATA ports with a PCI card advertised with Mac-compatibility, perhaps. I see quite a few on NewEgg (pre-formatted search), at a variety of pricepoints. Hope you've worked out your graphic card (or display) issues and are now happy with your system.
  14. Hi Patrick, Nice to know about the OpenHaltRestart kext... I'll look for that. I think there are other drivers for HD3850 (that's what you meant, right). I don't think I've ever seen the problem you are describing and I think other people have had good luck with the HD3850... so don't give up. If the native resolution of your monitor is making things look funny, you probably do need a different Natit kext and/or other special drivers. There should be good drivers, for instance, on the latest iDeneb 10.5.5 install disk (which you can find at the "Green Demon". HTH... Besta, Jesta