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Ati X1600 PCI-E and 19"LCD


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hey,been a long time since running hackintosh..

I'm on 10.4.10,my pc configuration on my sig's..

recently my old CRT monitor was dead..

so i bought myself a new 19" LCD monitor..

now the problem appear after I change from CRT into LCD..

i can't change my resolution into 1440x900..

there's option to change my resolution,but there's no 1440x900..

my graphic card is QE/CI already and having no problem..

i wonder how to make it possible to change my resolution into 1440x900..

and I can only boot on dvi port..

it'll hang if i pu it on vga port..

I'm using neo installer if i'm not mistaken..


any help will be very very appreciated..

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