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Vista partition wont start but mac will

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I had vista installed on my system and when I installed Leo and try to start up vista I get a startup error that can't be repaired on the windows install cd. How Can I get vista to work.


I can see my windows partition on my leo hard drive can I fix it from there?


And how can I test the speed of my os and make it faster.

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Hi guy,


Put your CD of Vista in your DVD. Make it boot by default in the Bios for the DVD rom first.

Press a key to startup the installation setup. Don't panic, it's normal if you want to acess the repair fonction.

After, you'll see the Vista theme with a box and it write in big letter: Install Now. So press the arrow.

After select you regional settinngs (Kb layout, country etc.) And go with you mouse at the bottom of the box, that's write in small "Repair you computer".

Select the choice of making a automatic repair because Windows detect a problem bla bla bla.

After your PC will reboot gently and it suppose to boot in Vista! :D


And what you mean about the speed of your system.. That isn't crystal clear anyway.


Cheers and enjoy

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