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  1. It's there anybody who had had success installing or upgrading to 10.14.1 or 10.14.2 with only internal GPU?. I think the problem resides with the way the Intel HD 4000 is managed in the ROM.
  2. elviejo


    How to integrate it on ROM?.
  3. The bios is the same IronManJFF uploaded a way back the only difference is that I incorporated a macminmi8,1.smbios instead of the regular OzmosisDefaults.plist, here is the one I used (populate the serial and baseboard serial before, use Clover Configuration to obtain yours, Ozmosis Configurator don't have macmini8,1 )OzmosisDefaults.plist.zip
  4. None, everything works flawlessly.
  5. Finally have some time after Christmas to solve the stuck apple logo at boot with mojave 10.14.1 and 10.14.2 ( By the way Happy New Year to all), what I did, disconnect all HDD and reset bios jumping the bios reset in the mobo, install the ROM provided by IronManJFF modified with a OzmosisDefaults.plist with macmini8,1 smbios, also I installed a Radeon RX560 GPU ( don't know if that make some difference ), boot from the installer and voila everything worked flawlessly. Thanks to all the people who made this possible.
  6. Go back to page 149 and follow the IronManJFF instructions to add mojave to the boot entries.
  7. Next thing I'm going to do is disconnect all the drives and try again.
  8. This is the EFI I'm using. Efi.zip
  9. Yes, with no problem until 10.14 and no dedicated GPU.
  10. No, is not the Defaults.plist, it is something else, you remember this happened with the beta5 and later the problem got away after beta6? must be something like the aptiofix in the Oz rom because booting with a usb with clover it boots ok only that I don't want to use Clover. I was trying to see if you used something else in the Efi/Oz folder. Thanks anyway, lets keep investigating, keep you posted.
  11. IronManJFF, Hi, could you post the EFI folder you are using, I'm having the no booting again with 10.14.1 and want to see if the contents on the EFI folder are the culprit. Thanks.
  12. Yea, thanks for your help and support.
  13. Finally success, using the ROM provided by IronManJFF and an actualized with Ozmosis Configurator config.plist mac mini 6,2 and the Beta Developer 6.