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Can't install Leopard


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I have XP installed, and would like to dual-boot it with Leopard (iATKOS v1.0ir2).


If I format the Leopard partition as HFS+ using the Disk Utility from the Mac OS X Installer, I can't boot into XP, unless I format Leopard partition as a FAT/FAT32 or any other windows compatible file system.


So, what I need is to format Leopard partition as HFS+, but not from the Leopard Installer's Disk Utility, cause it screws my XP installation.


I tried MacDriver 7, but it won't format any partition of my Hard-Drive, but only my USB drive.


I have Acronis Disk Director Suite, but it can't be used for HFS/HFS+ file system.


I did dual-boot XP and Leopard a week ago, and it worked fine, but now I got a bit smarter about it, and I want to give it another shot.


Any help would be highly appreciated!

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