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Is OSX gui "laggy"?


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sometimes if i work under OSX for a long time and switch back to XP i can see the difference

Windows feel "smoother"

for sure in the mouse movement

after some search in the net i realized that this is because of the mouse accerelation system in OSX

even a lot of mac users disagree with that thing in osx

i found an app (imousefix) that disables the mouse accerelation and the movement is set to constant speed

but even with this i can't feel OSX really smooth ,compare to windows

if i spent a day in Leopard my eyes get dizzy

my refresh rate is set to 75hz ,resolution:1280x1024 ..the maximum my monitor can handle

gpu is hardware accerelated and everything works well (i even tried a real game: call of duty2 and it was very fast)

it's like leopard is skipping frames when i do a lot of things (open windows etc) and does not react in full framerate

you know what i mean... like playing a game and click the option "skip frames" ..

myXBENCH score is 270 ,everything is ok with my system ,so what could it be? (check my sig for specS)

is it my idea because i'm used to win gui or is it a fact even for u?

share your opinions plz

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try non overclocking your cpu. your oc might be screwing up the timer. also enable HPET in the bios.

BTW, why is your monitor at 75Hz ? LCD native is 60Hz and you should always use native refresh since an LCD is not like a CRT.

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