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Installing Leo 10.5.2 OSx86 on a Pentium-M (SSE2 Only)

Riemann Zeta

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I am sorry if I found like a tool for asking this question, but I have never installed Mac OS on non-apple hardware and the 'OSx86' scene has grown so much in the last 2 years that I have absolutely no idea where to begin. There seem to be hundreds of different kernel hacks, kernel emulators, BIOS hacks, fake BIOSs, fake bootloaders, etc...


So, I'll just ask my questions and let the flames fall where they may:


(1) Is it possible to install/run Leopard on older generic PC hardware? In this case, I speak of a Pentium-M based CPU (SSE2 only) on an Intel PM855 chipset (certainly not an EFI-based BIOS), 2GB RAM and a GeForce 5200.


(2) Will the lack of SSE3 render the overal system performance absolutely pathetic?


(3) Is it possible to have working tablet-PC functionality in Leopard (you know, with a wacom pen, magnetic digitized screen, etc...)?


Anyone have any kind of suggestion about which program and/or distribution would work for me, or if I should just stick with Vista on this machine?

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