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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    So if I had a relatively stable 1201N (10.6.4) installed using the older (July) version of Mosslack's Install pack, can I simply do an in-place update to the new Install pack without screwing everything up? The reason I ask is that I wouldn't mind having sound--VoodooHDA never worked worth a damn, so now I use a tiny external USB sound card. Or should I skip the new Asus 1201N Installer and just install the two new audio-specific kexts? Also, has anyone tried installing the latest build of Mac OS 10.6.5 (10H548) on the 1201N? Or perhaps just the improved GPU- and OpenGL-related extensions from 10.6.5?
  2. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I have been building one of these 1201N hackintosh systems for a little while and recently picked up a replacement wifi chipset (the Dell 1510). With wireless interwebs, I feel like I have an almost fully-functional machine. But one strange issue arose after installing the new wireless card: my sound support died. I don't see how installation of a wifi chipset would perturb the VoodooHDA kext, so I'm at a loss when it comes to troubleshooting this one. Before I lost sound support, I was using version 2.62 of VoodooHDA, with the pref panel and the little voodoohdahelper script running at login. Currently, VoodooHDA.kext still loads (the pref panel recognizes that it as loaded), but the only selectable sound device is "Digital Out (HDMI)"--the sound chipset itself is no longer detected or listed. I have tried re-running Kext Helper and also have attempted installing other versions of VoodooHDA claimed to be compatible with OS 10.6.x (like version 2.53 of the kext included in the Asus 1201N Installer package). Nothing will detect my sound chipset this time around. Any ideas or suggestions?
  3. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    Thanks aquamac, you kick ass. The driver works just fine on my 1st gen penryn MBP with the 512MB 8600GT. Perhaps the only thing that I still need is the OpenGL.framework 1.5.8 from the new MBP and the new build of QuickTime.
  4. do you do drugs?

    Psychedelics have helped me more as a person than anything else on the planet. Taking LSD was the best decision I've ever made and I really owe my life (or at least, my happiness and sense of meaning in life) to 5-HT2a agonist psychedelics. Anyone who says drugs are evil and will only destroy one's life isn't using the right drugs.
  5. Does Vista look prettier than OS X?

    I like the Vista UI more than anything that MS has done before--it is far superior to XP's horrible cartoon/lego look. However, the Mac UI is still more intuitive and easier to use. Vista requires so many clicks, menus and buttons to actually get to things like preferences. For example, changing the permissions on a system file in Vista requires navigating through 5 or 6 options boxes with around 15 total clicks...and that is per file. Mac OS lets you use your computer how you wish, Vista assumes you are too stupid to be allowed access to your own machine.
  6. I am sorry if I found like a tool for asking this question, but I have never installed Mac OS on non-apple hardware and the 'OSx86' scene has grown so much in the last 2 years that I have absolutely no idea where to begin. There seem to be hundreds of different kernel hacks, kernel emulators, BIOS hacks, fake BIOSs, fake bootloaders, etc... So, I'll just ask my questions and let the flames fall where they may: (1) Is it possible to install/run Leopard on older generic PC hardware? In this case, I speak of a Pentium-M based CPU (SSE2 only) on an Intel PM855 chipset (certainly not an EFI-based BIOS), 2GB RAM and a GeForce 5200. (2) Will the lack of SSE3 render the overal system performance absolutely pathetic? (3) Is it possible to have working tablet-PC functionality in Leopard (you know, with a wacom pen, magnetic digitized screen, etc...)? Anyone have any kind of suggestion about which program and/or distribution would work for me, or if I should just stick with Vista on this machine?
  7. Sites for Customizing OS X

    Unfortunately, ResExcellence died a long, long while ago and it doesn't seem like it will ever be returning. A shame, because that was one of the first and best Mac UI customization sites.
  8. I know that most macheads out there would cry 'blasphemer' and hurl rocks at me for saying this, but I really like translucency in an operating system UI (be it Vista, Mac or another UNIX-y OS). I admit that it is just functionless eye candy and that such effects do have the potential to drag down overall system performance. And in 1998 I might have cared about this loss of performance, but since we have these powerful 800 GFLOPs capable GPUs, why not use them for a few meaningless visual effects? But I don't want to get off on a rant here... Anyway, in 10.5.1 the drop-down menus (and whatever you want to call the right-click menu) were ever so slightly translucent (like 4-5%). In 10.5.2, Apple changed them to be 100% opaque (at least mine are 100% opaque, even though the menubar is still translucent). In short, I want the translucency back, if possible. Has anyone found a .plist setting to change the menu (and/or menubar) translucency? That would be chill, because then we could adjust the menus to be as translucent as we wanted (I personally like the truly translucent menus that OS X 10.1, etc... had).
  9. 10.5.2 Is Finally Released!

    Finally! Glad to see it released--with the graphics update as well. I have one question, however: is it possible to increase the menu translucency? In 10.5.1, drop down menus were very slightly translucent, 10.5.2 renders them completely 100% opaque. I actually like the translucency and due to the adjustment for 10.5.2, the translucency must be changeable. Perhaps I could increase the translucency even further than in 10.5.1.
  10. New Build of OS X Leopard

    I think the point is that we have no idea when this will be released. As you said, it could be next week, it could be next month. If it is the final build, then, cool we don't have to wait until Mar. If not, then the final build could be easily installed over the top of this one. This is different, of course, than Vista SP1, where each progressive build must be installed (followed by 2-3 reboots) and then uninstalled (again, 2-3 reboots) before the next build is installed. Although, I have to give props to MS--while the constant installing/uninstalling/reinstalling is a pain in the ass, at least it finally works as advertised. Vista is not hosed (it is, in fact, unharmed) after uninstalling a service pack and that is a first for a MS operating system.
  11. 10.5.2 Not Out Yet, But it Fixes 130+ Bugs

    9C30? Damnation! Apple is just not going to release this sucker. And with no leaks, we may be waiting another 3 weeks for this update, considering the number of delays they've already had.
  12. 10.5.2 Not Out Yet, But it Fixes 130+ Bugs

    Still not a single leak of the 10.5.2 update? I'm really hoping that someone leaks it soon (I guess build 9C27 is the latest, although I heard some rumors about a 9C29 build as being final), as Apple's release is anyone's guess--it could be the end of this week, it could be the end of next month. As for Vista, it is really quite nice for a Microsoft OS. I think the reason that most people {censored} and whine about it is the fact that it: (1) requires really powerful hardware to run (2GB of RAM is a necessity; their POS eMachines running XP Home with 512MB just isn't going to cut it) and (2) it is not intuitive for the novice user (it ships with all of the useful features pre-disabled and all of the useless and/or annoying {censored}--like the UAC thing--enabled) and requires a lot of tweaking to become enjoyable.
  13. 10.5.2 Due Soon

    All this time elapsed and not a single clandestine source for the 10.5.2 update (that is, the 'beta' 9C23 build)...pity. I remember all the leaks of the 10.4.X Tiger updates, but beta build of Leopard updates are nowhere to be found. Oh well, my gut is telling me that Friday might be the day for the update.
  14. Mac OS X 10.5.1 Almost Ready

    The only serious problem that I have with Leopard is Safari. It is unstable as hell--constantly crashing. I guess this could be either Safari-related or Webkit-related, but either way, I'd absolutely love a link for this build. That, and the Finder does seem to crash--infrequently, but it never crashed in Tiger (I think it hung instead ).
  15. Does anybody else think Leopard is buggy?

    There seem to be plenty of bugs in Safari. It hangs a lot, especially if I have a number of pages open. It is odd that Safari is still an unstable beta, even though it is now at version 3.04. Other than that, Leopard itself hasn't been that bad. At least it is surprisingly fast: the last build I used was 9A466, which was slow as sh*t at just about any task. I wish they hadn't made the right-side dock icons (I used to have my Applications folder, etc...) so unusable, though. Who thought that taking all the icons in a folder and combining them into one continuously changing, unreadable clusterf*ck of an image would be a good idea?