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HOW TO: Get your Computer to boot with out Sleep/Wake trick

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Sup people ,


This is a very quick tutorial, those of you using the sleep wake trick can now make that permanent with out having to press all kinds of buttons.


This involves tricking the computer/bios into thinking that there is a second monitor connected.


The reason I did this is because I have having so many problems after booting my laptop with the sleep wake trick.

I.E. Sound would disappear and many other problems.


Here how it goes,


Short pins 2 to 7 and 3 to 8 on your computer vga out port (look at the pick)

By doing this you are grounding green video to green ground (2 to 7) and blue video to blue ground (3 to 8)




This will make the computer boot with out having to use the sleep wake.


NOTE: I had to go into my bios and set the display output to both or else i wouldnt see the comp booting up till it was already in osx. (wouldn't post bios and cpu and mem output)


Note: this is for people doing the sleep wake trick only I want your input on your success till I work on a more permanent fix.


Thank HooKed

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HooKed I tried shorting the pins on my Inspiron 1720. Booted normaly, I cannot find any selections in my bios, it still went black when osx started and woke fine as normal but then went black again as soon as it came back on.


I'll keep playing.

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Hi Hooked, do you have a toshiba? i have a u300 and i short pin 5 to 3 an boot normally but when i stop the pc, the system shutting dows and i must press the button to turn of pc.


I try your mod, tnx ;)

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Your solution works perfectly. By the way I have the Toshiba U300 which is essentially the same notebook as yours.

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i have got Toshiba as well, but isnt there any software kinda solution to this problem coz i m really afraid of playing with my hardware :) but if there isnt any i ll try this trick.


BTW thanks Hooked for all your help and support :)

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