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Can't boot after install


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I'm tring to install Leopard on the following computer:


AMD Athlon 64 3200+

Asus A8n-sli

Geforce 6200 Turbocache

DDR 400 2x512mb


Ok the computer is quite old but I made a research and I found out that the hardware is compatible with Leopard. I'm trying with iAtkos 1.0i and the installation goes well. Then I run darwin_boot and do everything as it is supposed to be (I'm trying on a clean 40gb HD, with one single partition "Leopard" which name is disk0s1, so on darwin_boot I put DiskNumber 1 and PartitionNumber 1) and I still can't boot it after it is installed.


When I reboot it acts like there's no device to boot, so I conclude something is going wrong and I'm not getting to make the HD bootable.

Anyone could help me?


Thx a lot.

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Boot your OS X DVD into -s mode and type the following when everything finishes loading.


fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

flag 1






0 is your Hard-drive number, 1 is your partition number. Good Luck.

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