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  1. External screen

    Exactly what I'm also looking for. I use an external monitor but like to keep the lid open because of the sound speaker. But now it will always enable the main monitor if I open the lid, witch affects negatively the performance...
  2. Can't boot after install

    Thx a lot, it worked (boot) Tho I'm still having problem with installation, but I'll try more later Thx a lot!
  3. Can't boot after install

    Thx for the answer limac. Could you help me on how to make an partition primary and how to activate it?
  4. I'm tring to install Leopard on the following computer: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Asus A8n-sli Geforce 6200 Turbocache DDR 400 2x512mb Ok the computer is quite old but I made a research and I found out that the hardware is compatible with Leopard. I'm trying with iAtkos 1.0i and the installation goes well. Then I run darwin_boot and do everything as it is supposed to be (I'm trying on a clean 40gb HD, with one single partition "Leopard" which name is disk0s1, so on darwin_boot I put DiskNumber 1 and PartitionNumber 1) and I still can't boot it after it is installed. When I reboot it acts like there's no device to boot, so I conclude something is going wrong and I'm not getting to make the HD bootable. Anyone could help me? Thx a lot.