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HELP! I deleted files listed in the finder under Yesterday, Today, and Last Week, thinking they were aliases and it was just a history. I work on a MAC everyday but don't have any support for understanding how the operating system works. It seems that when I did this little bit of ill-advised house cleaning I actually deleted all of my files. It also got rid of folders in my e-mail program (Entourage). The finder says these files a long with some files that were sitting on my desktop are completely gone. Can anyone tell me if they are in fact anywhere on my hard drive anywhere. Would the only copies of the original files and folders be located in just one place, these folders on the finder? That just doesn't seem logical to me! Needless to say I won't do that again!


I needed to reconfigure my email program and some of my applications seemed to be moved around as well. I will now be purchasing an external drive and setting up time machine.


Any insight into how to retrieve a years worth of e-mails would be appreciated.

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