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Diabolik GMA900 Download Link, Can't find one


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HI there

First of I have to say; I LOVE this forum, it has saved me soo many times I have lost count.

I am using a Compaq Preesario V4215 laptop and everything works fine, except one thing, the crappy Intel GMA900 graphics, I used to be able to get it working thanks to Diabolik's excellent drivers but now his site is down, so I googled the file name (DiaboliK.GMA900.Fixer.pkg.zip) and found a filefront link, but it to is now down, there is also a download link that I found but it is goin to take 28days to download the 4.8MB file at a spead of 77b/s (yes 77 BYTES/second). Would anyone be able to either:

A: Provide me with a working download link


B: email/pm me the file and I will host it free of charge to anyone who wants it

Cheers for any replies, much appreciated


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