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  1. Diabolik GMA900 Download Link, Can't find one

    Here you go http://files.citral.net/osx86/DiaboliK.GMA900.Fixer.pkg.zip
  2. Diabolik GMA900 Download Link

  3. Hi, Following on from my previous post, one thing I tried to get rid of the artifacts before I found the solution was to reinstall DiaboliK's GMA900 Fixer. I'm running JaS 10.4.8 patched to 10.4.9 then 10.4.10 as per the instructions on this site. I have not updated the kernel yet. Since reinstalling the GMA900 Fixer, I get the above error about two dozen times on boot up. I also get: "Error parsing plist fileLoading Darwin/x86" (fileLoading is not a typo btw). Eventually the system will say that it is pausing for five seconds and then will continue to boot up normally. The OS has since become unrealiable. Periodically the wired network connection will fail, and turning AirPort on once the wired connection is dead results in the "You must switch off your computer" black screen. Periodically, it will show that black screen for no obvious reason. I recently upgraded the machine from 768MB to 1.5GB of RAM. Could this have anything to do with it? OSX sees the RAM fine and memtest86 reports no errors. Any ideas? I'd rather not reinstall as I've only just got everything set up perfectly, and it shouldn't be long until I have enough cash to buy a Black MacBook so a reinstall may not even be worth it. I have repaired permissions and verified the disk - it all checks out. Mike
  4. Tiger 10.4.10 Screen Artifacts

    Problem solved :angry2: Turning off display mirroring solved this problem!
  5. Tiger 10.4.10 Screen Artifacts

    Hi, Yeah it was about 2am when I posted so I posted in the wrong section :s Yep, it's a hack. How did you guess? The problem happens in other applications including Thunderbird, Office 2008 applications, and Adobe Reader: What do all these applications have in common? Some other apps that I tried that aren't affected included TextMate and Pages. For what it's worth, this hack has been running perfectly for the last six months. This all started after I took a screenshot :s
  6. About a week ago I took a screenshot and immediately started getting artifacts on my screen. They seem to be caused by non-shadowed cursors (i.e. the caret cursor as pictured, and the watch cursor, but not the pointer and beachball). I've rebooted, but that hasn't helped. Any ideas? It's starting to become really annoying when browsing web pages or editing documents. The only way to get rid of the artifacts is to cause the screen to refresh the affected area (i.e. by dragging a window around). Any ideas would be appreciated! Mike Screen artifacts visible in top left, top right, and middle left of Firefox window:
  7. Hi, I was trying to update to 10.4.9 and managed to break my Hackintosh which has been running reliably for over 6 weeks I need the System.kext file from the JaS DVD but I can't find it. Could someone tell me where on the DVD it is? TIA
  8. Hi, These are the detailed steps that I took to get my Broadcom BCM4306/BCM4320 to work. If you don't have a Broadcom card, then they won't work for you. 1. I downloaded bcm43xx_enabler.sh.zip from this thread and extracted it to my desktop. 2. I ran the following commands in a terminal cd Desktop sudo sh bcm43xx_enabler.sh 3. I rebooted and it worked. 4. Had a play in Network Settings. Make sure AirPort is enabled. Hope that helps
  9. Mac OSX Tiger Internet Browser probelms

    Have you tried Safari?
  10. As soon as GMA900 QE/CF support becomes available, I'll give Leopard a go.
  11. I heard that if you drop a widget onto the dashboard you'll get a water ripple effect if QE/CI is fully working.
  12. Hi, I avoid booting into a blue screen on my laptop with the one-wire trick I found here: http://gsbd41316.wordpress.com/2006/08/01/...ipstaple-trick/ I also noticed there's a two-wire trick: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=1522 What are the differences between the two tricks?
  13. Problems while installing

    Is your NX6110 showing a blue screen? Check out my guide for what I did to get mine working: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry493565
  14. Hi, could somebody tell me what this power management hack is and where I can get it?
  15. Hi, After installing the GMA900 fixer began to boot in verbose mode by default. Is there any way I can get back the tasteful grey apple boot screen?