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Dell 4400 + uphuck 10.4.9 = clean install but no boot


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I was so excited to see what looked like a totally clean installation!


Unfortunately, at the end of the install and after rebooting, it simply stays on a black screen with blinking cursor. No booting at all. :D


What can I do now?



System =

Dell Dimension 4400 P4 1.7




SB Live (can remove for install... maybe I should have)

DFE530(?) network card

56k modem (I should remove that too.)

Geforce4MX video


Maybe I should use a different distro if I can find it? :(

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You can try JaS 10.4.6! It worked for me on a dell 4550. If you try JaS 10.4.8, maybe you´ll won´t get into desktop because of the nvidia card....I had to delete the geforce/nvidia kext to boot properly

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