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    Anyone using OSX on Dell 9200

    bumping this... I have a quad-core Dimension 9200 w/6GB RAM and I'm holding MacOSX 10.4.10 discs in my hand. Any tricks to making this work? I have multiple ATI and nVidia video cards, internal audio and a variety of SoundBlaster cards to try.
  2. Sounds like Intel P35 is a good bet! But both the boards mentioned worked flawlessly including sound, network & video? (if it has any video...) Wow. Great to know! I wonder if there's any AMD mobos+distros that work just as flawlessly! Hmm.... to cap it all, it's even on sale at NCIX (the great Canadian place!) If I can sell off my other PC's, I think we have a winner! It has 112 great reviews, so people sure love this board! Hope I can find the right distro to use.... and I'll have to keep using my X1300 video card, I see. Thanks, and if there's more I need to know - please keep it coming!
  3. Count me in too! You have PM. I have 3 machines, a P4 Dell Dimension 4400, a P4 laptop, and an Athlon AM2 x2 system based on the M1697 chipset.
  4. I was so excited to see what looked like a totally clean installation! Unfortunately, at the end of the install and after rebooting, it simply stays on a black screen with blinking cursor. No booting at all. What can I do now? System = Dell Dimension 4400 P4 1.7 768MB DDR 80GB IDE HDD DVD-RW IDE SB Live (can remove for install... maybe I should have) DFE530(?) network card 56k modem (I should remove that too.) Geforce4MX video Maybe I should use a different distro if I can find it?
  5. I'd like to try OSx86 for the first time, and I'm pretty serious about making the move. If I could afford a mac, I'd just go and buy one.... but budget simply won't allow it. So.... what I'd like to do is have the right AFFORDABLE parts (as in well under $100 for the mobo) ahead of time, that would all but guarantee a smooooooooth, easy installation where everything is found and everything works. No hassles, no command lines. What I have now: AMD X2 3800+, AM2 MSI K9NU mobo, I believe... (AM2, ULi M1697 chipset) X1300Pro video 2x1GB DDR2 onboard audio (plain stereo) 160GB SATA2 HDD and/or 80GB IDE HDD and a floopity-floppy! There haven't been many success stories I've found (or anything!) about the M1697 chipset since it wasn't very popular. I could either: a- Sell mobo & CPU and replace with Intel combo that's "easy-install" b- Try to get the existing combo to work, which could prove easy or difficult... who knows? Honestly, I'm afraid to tackle any confusing issues, so I think many others like myself would benefit knowing which affordable chipsets/mobos offer the greatest amount of easy compatibility with a particular OSx86 distribution.... if you have a suggestion on that too it'd be appreciated! *** I'd also like to consider an Intel QUAD processor someday... maybe I should get a mobo NOW that would support it in the future! You know what should be stickied? A list of 100% no-fuss mobos for the people who just want an easy install! Thanks gang... I'll keep scouring the site and popping in a few times a day. Good stuff here!