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USB doesn't work

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Using I'm having problems getting USB to work.


I'm using a PS/2 mouse/keyboard for OSX currently.

The only way I can use the PS/2 mouse & keyboard is if USB is turned off in the BIOS, if I enable USB in the BIOS and boot up with my PS/2 mouse & keyboard they don't work.


If I plugin my USB keyboard & mouse after enabling USB in the BIOS I get nothing.


And no I don't have an option for legacy USB so don't ask :blink:


I downloaded the IOUSBFamily.kext from osx86.wikidot and used kext helper to install it, fixed permissions and rebooted, enabled usb in BIOS rebooted, booted OSX, mouse & keyboard still don't work.


I found this thread: Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver but I believe you need USB working before installing that.


Specs in sig.

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