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  1. DVI to HDMI

    Yeah I do mean that. Sorry if my wording was confusing. I just didn't know if I'd have any problems with OSX seeing my future monitor or HD TV and if the resolution would set properly. Anywho thanks for the response.
  2. DVI to HDMI

    I have a completely working Leo setup with DVI out to my monitor. I am looking at getting a bigger screen and am wondering if I can use a hdmi to dvi cable from the new tv to my Geforce 8800 GT and if OS X will work with that. Thanks.
  3. I installed the Security Update 2010-001 from the Apple Updater and now I can't boot in to SL. I booted verbose and I get this: See pic. I'm not sure if the Update did it though.
  4. Yeah I used to have the problem early on when I first got 10.5.6 running. I keep backups as well so I'm good hopefully. Paragon is a pretty well known software company and I would trust them over a free product.
  5. Yep it worked, no lag thanks for the help! Now all I need to solve is the disappearing of files on my NTFS drive. It seems the when I add files to a folder on a NTFS drive other files will disappear that are in the folder. But if I remove something they will reappear. Don't know if it's a Paragon NTFS issue or not.
  6. No just when I move the mouse around the screen every 10 seconds or so it will move farther then I wanted it to. Okay I'll try that.
  7. Anyone having mouse problems? In Show Leo my mouse will sometimes jerk a little bit. If the fraking search worked I could search this thread.
  8. I have this problem too. I haven't found any ways to get Paragon NTFS to work on my Hackintosh Snow Leo. It works fine on my macbook unibody pro.
  9. I tried that, but paragon still doesn't work. Paragon works fine on my Macbook unibody Pro with Snow Leo. EDIT: For some reason I had the 7.0.4 version of Paragon NTFS. Not sure if it was a beta or what but I installed 7.0.3 the latest version, booted arch=i386 (cause I don't want to see the code when booting in verbose mode) and Paragon NTFS works! read and write now. YAY!
  10. Hey how do I boot into 32-bit mode? Paragon NTFS won't work in 64-bit Snow Leo. Thanks!
  11. Hmmm Installed 10.6.1 update no problems. But kernel panic after installing 10.6.2 after restart. EDIT: Looks like sleepenabler is the culprit. Others seem to have the problem. EDIT 2: I'm now using the kexts from d00m42's SL Pack v5.0b. It works! I'm in 10.6.2 now. I'll see how it goes from here.
  12. That's never been so in my experience. But anyway, Front Row does load up. Expose and min/max windows all smooth.
  13. EFI string. I've tried the one that EFITools gave me and another one someone with SL had. I also tried the EFI string from my current Leopard build which is 100% stable. Well how I check for QE/CI is to got to About This Mac > More Info > Graphics/Displays and seeing if it has everything enabled and my graphics card shows up. Will do I'll post back with results. Appreciate the help. EDIT: Gorram idiot....I had the extension of my com.apple.Boot as txt. QE/CI now enabled.
  14. Can someone help me with my 8800GT still can't get QE/CI.
  15. I didn't say it wouldn't work. I said it wouldn't be as easy as if you had a Core2Duo....Good lord. No offense but can you read?