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Need serious help/advice.


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I work for a publishing company and currently we have a pretty mixed environment. Mostly PC's but about 60+ Macs. For a while now we've been using Microsoft Entourage 2004 for the email client on our Macs and Outlook 2003 on our PCs with Exchange Server 2003. I've been asked by management to come up with a better solution for our email situation on our Mac side. The problem is we need to be able to retrieve emails from our Mac users in case we have a legal obligation that requires us to produce emails. On our PC side, if there's personal folders(.pst) created, we store those in a user folder on our network for easy retrieval. However, on the Mac side, using Entourage, if a personal folder is created, it's stored within the Entourage database which can only be located in usename:Documents:Microsoft User Data:Office 2004 Identities:Main Identity. I've found a way to move all of that to the user drive on our network by creating an alias for the Microsoft User Data folder. BUT, is there a way to retrieve information from that database as a different user?


EDIT: Guess I should have added that currently, we have our Mac users logging in through terminal services on a Windows server to login and check email through Outlook. It's highly painful for them and a lot of that is because there is no audible or visual confirmation of new mail.


ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I'm in a crunch. :P

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