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  1. iPhone Boot Screens

    Try this.
  2. Need serious help/advice.

    I work for a publishing company and currently we have a pretty mixed environment. Mostly PC's but about 60+ Macs. For a while now we've been using Microsoft Entourage 2004 for the email client on our Macs and Outlook 2003 on our PCs with Exchange Server 2003. I've been asked by management to come up with a better solution for our email situation on our Mac side. The problem is we need to be able to retrieve emails from our Mac users in case we have a legal obligation that requires us to produce emails. On our PC side, if there's personal folders(.pst) created, we store those in a user folder on our network for easy retrieval. However, on the Mac side, using Entourage, if a personal folder is created, it's stored within the Entourage database which can only be located in usename:Documents:Microsoft User Data:Office 2004 Identities:Main Identity. I've found a way to move all of that to the user drive on our network by creating an alias for the Microsoft User Data folder. BUT, is there a way to retrieve information from that database as a different user? EDIT: Guess I should have added that currently, we have our Mac users logging in through terminal services on a Windows server to login and check email through Outlook. It's highly painful for them and a lot of that is because there is no audible or visual confirmation of new mail. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I'm in a crunch.
  3. Transbar 1.0.3

    Hey Cabron, where can I find that wallpaper? It's so cool. Thanks
  4. Non Destructive Partition

    Also, Leopard DOES have non-destructive partitioning from what I've seen in Disk Utility. I resized my Leopard partition to create a new partition for a Tiger install. It worked beautifully.
  5. Right Clicking on Mighty mouse

    In all honesty, the only solution that I know of, is to replace it. For some reason the Mighty Mouse tends to wear out on the secondary button.
  6. 10.5.2 IS FINALLY HERE

    I actually just came here to see if anybody else saw it. I'm installing as we speak.
  7. Tiger or Leopard server?

    If you're planning to use the G4 PowerBook as your server, it's going to be fairly slow. Even if you max RAM, it will be a little slow serving up files. However it all depends on what you plan to use it for. If it's only to be used by yourself, you can deal. But if you ever plan to serve up a website, you'll need something faster. I currently am running a dual 1.8GHz G5 PowerMac with 4 GB RAM as my web server. It runs ok, but if if gets too much traffic it'll bog. As far as which cat to use, I'd just use Tiger. Leopard will bring that PowerBook down already as is and once you start throwing files at it, it'll crawl. I'm using Tiger along with MAMP on my web server which covers all that I need. I also use it as an FTP dump. Hope that helps a little bit.
  8. I had wondered the same thing but hadn't had time to try it. Anybody else try it?
  9. Mini PC running OS X

    I remember in an old PC mag (pre-Vista release) there was a flash memory company that was advertising their new line of USB flash drives that support Ready Boost. Well, the screen of the laptop displayed Vista and they show the flash drive sticking out of the side of the laptop. However, the laptop was a PowerBook. I found it pretty funny.
  10. I certainly care about boot times. Although I DO put my Macs to Sleep most times, if I leave town for a couple days I shutdown all my systems in case of power failure. So when I get back if I need to do something, I don't want to sit and wait forever for my machine to boot. Wow, so I might have just realized that I'm incredibly impatient and a little lazy.
  11. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Thanks Sabr for the wood background AND the PS icon.
  12. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Sabr: Would you mind terribly providing the hardwood wallpaper. I'm not sure why but I'm digging it!
  13. About this Mac Graphics

    Here's mine. In full spirit of the recent movie release.
  14. Howto: Photoshop CS3 on Leopard 10.5.1

    That's odd you had to do that. I just installed (2 days ago in fact) CS3 on my PowerBook and on my G5 PowerMac and no issues at all.