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Sony Vaio X505 (thin as macbook air) 10.4.11 tutorials


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There is few people asking about how to get vaio x505 installed with osx86,

here is the result to share:

using xXx 10.4.11 dvd , the system installed without problem,

i think you can only able to install with tiger.


few thing do not work:

1)on board trackpad but will work with USB mouse

2)cardbus (need patch and will work)

3)sound have a very low volume with headphone only (ADI 198x driver)

4)855gm do not have kext load, but display native at VESA mode, (only support at 10.4.1 if you want kext load)

5)wireless pc card do not work, will freeze the system once plugin and see as airport card (now i use usb belkin N F5d8053 instead)

6)will not boot without AC adapter, however, you can unplug the AC once boot up and no

problem running it on battery.

7) choose intel 82562ez network card for wire ethernet adapter.

8) choose power management option for battery meter.


I have try different kernel at 10.4.11 disc but only 8.9.1 universal kernel build before 08 July able to boot up.

but have no effect fixing the AC issue. you can leave most of the option off since have no effect,

but you are welcome to try , may be you can fix some of the issue with different option combine.


I also try the maxuss 10.4.5 DVD and work fine, no problem boot up with battery, only keyboard will not work before patch,have a usb keyboard with u for setup. cardbus also working.

but i notice the speed was much slower compare to 10.4.11.


10.4.1 will have most of the thing function , include kext load with 855gm (no QE and CI support in anyway, unless you installed XP dual boot , and use it to re-located the V-ram).

Mouse also work under 10.4.1 with battery boot.


But i have problem using most of the apps with 10.4.1, like Mail.app, so i decide to go higher version of OS.


some version may missing power meter, so you need to patch the powermanagment.kext


You need to have a sony firewire CD rom to install OSx86 or using DD to install it.


please share your result,

BTW kalway 10.5.1 never able to boot up , stop after the apple logo.although complete the install.


i will try other version as well soon, like jas 10.4.6/7/8. i do not think

10.4.9 will work since i already try the 8.9.1 darwin with 10.4.11.


my objective are making it run on battery at boot and have some app runnung smooth.


please know that without QE and CI with kextload of 855gm, you will have hard time to play video.

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today i try to install 10.4.9/10 , with 8.9.1 kernel.

i have no luck still with the ac adapter issue.


so i try jas 10.4.8 with 8.8.1 and it worked.


however since there is no speed step disable setting under bios, every time i boot with

battery ,i only running 600mhz instead of 1.1ghz.


even i plug in the AC, speed do not correct itslef, a restart is need.


if anyone know how to fix this ,please post.


you also need 10.4.4 iopcifamily.kext to enable the cardbus.


you also need usb keyboard and mouse for install, since build in keyboard and mouse will not

work, after install ,use a appleps2controller.kext from this site to enable the keyboard.

i still could not enable the trackpoint .


onabord lan card also need to enable with appleintel8255x.kext

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