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Time Machine Restore can not boot (Kalyway)


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I damaged my partition table and now I have to completly restore my hackintosh. Thanks god I used Timemachine and have a recent backup... :)


Now I started from the Kalyways DVD and used the time machine restore tool to completly restore the system from timemachine.


Everything seemed to work, all files got copied. However, the system does not boot. When PC EFI should show up nothing hapens.


I asume that PC EFI did not get instaled along the way. is there a way to use timemachine for a complete restore?


Is it possible with the kalyways DVD? Or is there any other DVD I could use? Or can I somehow install the PC EFI afterwards?


That would be very important. I just had all my data, all programs and everything installed and setup on my hackintosh. Can´t start over.


I have (or better sad had) Kalyways 10.5.1 plus 10.5.2 plus grafik update installed.


Timemachine is the only backup I have left of all my data...



Thank you


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