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Quark 7.31 on Leopard problem [SOLVED]


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First, let me apologize if this topic has been explored already -- the search function of the board is not working right now for some reason, and I didn't find any answers yet.


Quark 7.31 is supposed to be Leopard compatible, but I'm still having a problem.


When I try to open a Quark 6 file, it always freezes at the Loading Picture Previews stage. I think it might be related to the file size somehow, because when I open a layout that has a picture in it (with the total file size being around 3 megs), it will hang on Loading Picture Previews for about 30 seconds, then it opens it. But if I try to do the same thing with a larger file (75 mb for example), Quark hangs forever on the Loading Picture Previews stage.


I did an Internet search, and someone suggested holding in the Ctrl key while you do this, but that didn't make any difference.


Do you suppose this is a Hackintosh-only related problem?




I swear my wife is some kind of beautiful genius -- she figured it out. The problem only occurred when I was still connected to a server share. After I disconnected my AFP and SMB shares, the file opened right up.


I hope this helps out somebody in the future instead of having to pull your hair out like me :-)

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