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  1. Networking Woes 10.6.6 / RTL8111E

    This is strange as hell because I've never encountered this sort of thing before, but I did finally find a solution to this problem, in case anyone else comes upon this thread. To fix it, I went into the BIOS and there's a built-in LAN cable testing section. I ran the test and it re-certified my cable as capable of 1 Gbps. Ever since I did that, I have had full gigabit speeds with no problem.
  2. Networking Woes 10.6.6 / RTL8111E

    I very recently sold my 2009 iMac to put together a Hack based on an i7-950 and a Gigabyte X58-USB3, so I'm pretty good with networking between Mac and Windows, so that's why its even more baffling that it isn't working properly. From Windows I've tried both \\HackName and \\HackIPAddress with no luck. Just to double-check, under the Sharing preferences, I have SMB turned on with the username checked. But here's something else I just noticed that may be part of the overall problem -- I keep turning off FTP access, but then when I restart the computer and go back into the sharing preferences, it is enabled again. I did try enabling the boot rom based on your suggestion, but no changes occurred. Weird stuff. This networking thing is the only thing keeping me from a 100% awesome Hackintosh :-) Thanks for the reply.
  3. I have spent days trying to figure out the solutions to my problems with no luck, so I wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas. I have 10.6.6 loaded on a Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3 which has a RTL8111E ethernet. For the most part, everything works just fine except for the Ethernet. I have tried multiple kexts for the card with no luck. The problems are that while it can get on the Internet just fine, it only connects to my gigabit router at 100 megabit speeds. But the strange thing is that OSX reports that it is connecting at 1 Gbps! But the indicator light on both the ethernet port and the router show it's actually connecting at 100. This is with all of the different kexts I've tried. It's not the cable because the same cable connects at a gigabit with a laptop. The other major problem is that Windows SMB networking is not happening. Despite having the sharing set up and no firewall present, I cannot connect to the Mac from Windows, and when it comes to connecting to the Windows box from the Mac, I can only do CIFS, not SMB. Additionally, the performance of copying files from the Mac to Windows is absolutely terrible -- much below even the 100 megabits that it is actually connected at. AFP connectivity works just fine. If only there was an AFP client for Windows then I could at least work around the problem, but I haven't been able to find one (note: AFP client, not server). Anyone have any ideas? Any help is tremendously appreciated :-) Thanks
  4. September 9th Apple Event

    I wish they would release the new macbook pros already!
  5. I've recently discovered that with a combination of being a university student and the $99 ADC Hardware Purchase program ( http://developer.apple.com/products/student.html ) I can get quite a discount on a new Mac. I am thinking of buying a new 17" Macbook Pro if the new ones come out within the next month (I'm hoping!!). The usual student discount is about $200, so the price is $2599 + tax instead of $2799 + tax. I've read on a few different web sites that the ADC Student discount is around 20%, so the cost (including the $99 ADC membership) would be around $2400. Have any of you reading this gone this route? Does this sound about right? Thanks :-) ------------------- Edit: Nevermind, there's an ADC store that shows what the price is. Even though the price savings is quite substantial over the retail and even the education discount, eBay is still cheaper, even on the very latest models (mostly due to sales tax issues).
  6. Here's a follow-up picture to the problem that I am having with the original JaS 10.5.4. When I boot up this is what I nearly immediately get, and the computer freezes at this point. I've tried all kinds of different settings in the BIOS, and the result is always the same. This is a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop with a 2 GHz Core 2 Duo chip, x3100 graphics. This may or may not be related, but iAtkos always boots right up, and the two Leo4All versions I have tried (v3 and v3 with JaS 10.5.3 PPF) will boot sometimes, and sometimes they don't. About 4/5 times of trying to boot from the DVD, I'll get a kernel panic. But without changing anything or doing anything differently, sometimes it boots from the DVD just fine -- I have absolutely no explanation for this. Thanks for looking :-)
  7. Why oh why didn't I buy a Dell with an nVidia card instead of x3100? On my Inspiron 1720, I've been working on trying to get iAtkos v4 to work all day, and I can get everything to work except for the X3100 graphics. I have tried EVERYTHING, even stuff that has worked in the past with different Leopard distros. Am I just not meant to run 10.5.4 and be stuck at 10.5.2 forever? heh
  8. Thanks Hagar, that post is right on the money. It never ceases to amaze me how often people simply make assumptions and treat them as facts, or even take TWO SECONDS to do a google search for Leopard Server to get all of the information they could ever want! Not to mention not reading the very first post and seeing that the server install is optional.
  9. ohboyohboyohboy! Good move putting the server packages on there! I know that it could have been done separately in the past, but it sure will be nice to have it all on one disc with the option to either install it or not :-) Thank you SO much JaS! :-)
  10. Where can I find information on how to install osx on a Dell laptop? LOL j/k :-)
  11. Does anyone with an X3100 have iAtkos v4 working? I've tried all kinds of different settings on my Inspiron 1720 with x3100, but I just can't make iAtkos v4 work with it. I've tried installing it without any video drivers, and installing the x3100 driver later, but I still get just a black screen, and the sleep corner trick doesn't fix it. Any ideas?
  12. I tried installing iAtkos v4i today on my Inspiron 1720, but had troubles with the X3100 video. I had used iAtkos v2i in the past, and right now I'm running Leo4all v3 on it (both of those run about as good as you can get). But for some reason iA v4's X3100 driver didn't like my computer. First I tried upgrading over top of what I already had (leo4all). After that didn't work, I tried wiping the drive and installing fresh, but all I would get is a black screen with the X3100. On my laptop, I have to do the sleep corner trick. So, after I installed iA v4 fresh, I did the thing where you unplug the computer and let it run for 10 minutes so the screen goes to sleep. But, after it comes back awake, the screen is nothing but black. If I install and don't use the v4's x3100 driver, the display works (but of course is crappy). The one thing I haven't tried yet is installing without the x3100 driver and then using the Dell post-install package found in this thread. The reason I haven't tried it yet is because if at all possible, I'd like to just upgrade my leo4all v3, keeping all my files and settings. But as I said, when I tried that, the x3100 still didn't work (black screen). The funny thing about doing it this way is that by upgrading, my sleep corner is still active. When I use it, you can see the screen shutting off, but when it comes back it's still black. Any ideas before I say screw it and wipe everything and start all over? heh
  13. How about waiting until 10.5.4 to release this? It sounds like it is supposed it be out within a couple of weeks from now.
  14. Here's a question I asked in the main forum, but nobody wrote back. Maybe I'll have better luck here. My Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop has a Broadcom BCM2045 usb-based Bluetooth adapter built into it. When I installed Leo4All, it worked perfectly, but I ended up going with iATKOS r2 because it supports my x3100 video card a little bit better than Leo4All. However, the bluetooth doesn't work with this distribution and I can't figure out why. If I install Windows in Parallels and then tell it to use the BCM2045 usb device, bluetooth works perfectly fine through Windows. I tried using Pacifist and getting the bluetooth kexts from the Leo4All DVD, but I must not have done it correctly because it didn't work. Any ideas? With the exception of the built-in card reader, this is the only thing that is keeping me from having the perfect hackbook pro :-) Thanks
  15. First, let me apologize if this topic has been explored already -- the search function of the board is not working right now for some reason, and I didn't find any answers yet. Quark 7.31 is supposed to be Leopard compatible, but I'm still having a problem. When I try to open a Quark 6 file, it always freezes at the Loading Picture Previews stage. I think it might be related to the file size somehow, because when I open a layout that has a picture in it (with the total file size being around 3 megs), it will hang on Loading Picture Previews for about 30 seconds, then it opens it. But if I try to do the same thing with a larger file (75 mb for example), Quark hangs forever on the Loading Picture Previews stage. I did an Internet search, and someone suggested holding in the Ctrl key while you do this, but that didn't make any difference. Do you suppose this is a Hackintosh-only related problem? SOLVED! I swear my wife is some kind of beautiful genius -- she figured it out. The problem only occurred when I was still connected to a server share. After I disconnected my AFP and SMB shares, the file opened right up. I hope this helps out somebody in the future instead of having to pull your hair out like me :-)