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Cannot connect to Windows Share drive


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Just installed Leo4All v2 on my Dell Dimension 8400 with the following spec.


Processor: Pentium 4 640

Motherboard: Intel i925x chipset




I have been trying to find a solution in various forums and but could not find any. The Finder-Windows still shows the various Windows-machines, i.e. the correct names of different machines, but does not go any further.


Finder keeps telling me,


"Connection failed". (Connect As... doesn´t seem to give any reaction...)


Also using the apple-key+K shortcut does not work anymore.


"The text entered does not appear to be a recognized URL format. URLs should bein with afp://, smb:// etc."


is the message that keeps popping up trying this way.



Using the terminal and the manual way to mount a share is working fine - so I´m suspecting somethings wrong within the Finder.


and I am getting the following error on the console log:


3/25/08 12:20:48 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/MacOS/Finder[163] SharePointBrowser::handleOpenCallBack returned 45

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Same problem here with Leo4all v2 and Pentium 4

I can't connect to shares (macbook pro and airdisk) screenshare works fine

Please can you tellme how to mount share manually using the terminal??



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