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Ati X850XT PE PCI-E problem installing kext


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Hey all,

I'm running zephyroth leopard 10.5.2 rev1 on my AMD pc right now and I am having trouble with installing a kext for my Ati Radeom X850XT PE PCI-E, i'm using the program called atiscript.z0rz.v0.2

I selected the resolution1024.768x32, the kovergpatch and cal5 but when I rebooted it was all in weird colours, I then changed the colours to thousands instead of millions also it was displaying in 16bit, and offcourse no QE.

Can anyone help me out with one of these problems?


Help will be appreciated!

(signature for sys specs)

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So i installed the cal5 and koverg patch now, everything seems to be working but still no Quartz Extreme, is this because it's just not possible to get QE on Mac with an X850XT PE?

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I know that koverg patch (zorg script) is not correct for X700-X850 because it intended for RV380 but not for R400 and up.

It is better to make the follow

Extract file ATIRadeon9700.kext/Contents/MacOS/ATIRadeon9700 to any place you like.

Make the follow in terminal

perl -pi -e 's|\x66\x3d\x4e\x4a|\x66\x3d\x4c\x4b|g' ATIRadeon9700

perl -pi -e 's|\x66\x3d\x48\x4a|\x66\x3d\x4c\x4b|g' ATIRadeon9700

I assume your DevID=4b4c - last digits in the string in reverse order.

You need to do both commands!


In some versions of ATIRadeon9700 it is not work. In this case you need other commands

perl -pi -e 's|\x3d\x4e\x4a\x00|\x3d\x4c\x4b\x00|g' ATIRadeon9700

perl -pi -e 's|\x3d\x48\x4a\x00|\x3d\x4c\x4b\x00|g' ATIRadeon9700


Then replace original file with patched, repair permissions and try!

Also write your DeviceID into info.plist

Be sure that you have GA.plugin with


in it's info.plist I think you need no more detailed instructions HOW_TO?

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