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Strange image display after installation


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I have my home made pc with :


amd 64 x2 6000

ati 2600xt sonic

MB:asus m2n-e sli

2gb kingston ram

40GB old wd hd ata

TSST dvd rec sata.

After some failled attempts I managed to install zephyroth 10.5.2 rev2


when i reboot my machine (with the installation cd in tray)after a while i get the first picture above.



When i am moving mouse, somewere in those beautiful patterns i can see something moving.

If i dont do anything for about 10min and hearing Hd something like switching off i get this:




If somebody could help me.


I believe that problem happens after installation of ati kexts.

Although i deselect at installation the drivers for gcard, i have the same problem.

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Try dropping your resolution to see if that helps. Are you using any VGA<->DVI adapters? Does it happen after using 3D apps? It could be a heat issue if it happens spontaneously after a while.

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